Time for a real post?

I finally have this looking as good as I think I want it…for now. Don’t be surprised if it will look completely different in another 24 hours.

Last night I went to Erin and Zach’s in Zanesville. It was a fun night for the most part. Played everything from air hockey tournaments, to Jenga, to Halo, to poker, etc. I also got the chance to watch “Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle” which I hadn’t seen in a long time. Great movie.

Speaking of movies, I saw what I think was the worst movie I’ve ever watched. Flipped on Sci-Fi to see “House of the Dead.” I managed to watch about a half an hour or so but I couldn’t take any more. But considering that the movie is made after a video game, I’m not so shocked.

I think I’m going to go finish watching Game Six of the NBA Finals and go to bed.


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