Another Day…Another Brain Tumor

This morning has been hectic so far. Phones were down when I got into the office today and had been going on and off. I think John has them back up for now which is definitely a good thing. I still barely made it out of bed earlier. I don’t know why I’ve been so tired all week. Tomorrow will be nice since I’ll be able to sleep in.

Today needs to go fast. I’m not in the mood to be sitting in this office all day. I’ll probably go out and work on updates on my own. There shouldn’t be many people here this afternoon since it’s Friday.

I can’t believe that Team USA is already out of the World Cup. I wouldn’t be too hurt if I was on the team though. As much as our country is hated (we’re the only team to not have our country name written on the team bus because of concern for violence) I wouldn’t mind the oppurtunity to get out. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to go and represent my country; however, when everyone there including the officials are against Team USA…why bother?

I believe I’m done ranting for now. Time to get to work. Everybody needs to watch the video below. This is why can’t stand AOL.


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