My Car!

I just got back from yet another family reunion down at the park. It was fun, or atleast as fun as one of those can get. There was only about 20-25 people there like always. Last year there was only 13 I think. We have a small family to say the least.

Friday night was amazing. Mark and I went to Walmart and walked around because we had nothing to do. We waited until around 8 and picked up Rachel and still couldn’t figure out anything to do in Cambridge. Then it hit us. Allen just bought a new car and we haven’t done anything to it. We went to K-mart to get everything we needed. Coda was working and since he is the guru of car-wrapping, he helped us find what we wanted. We got some saran wrap to wrap his windshield, then some huge bras to hook across the front, and cool whip to cover the front. We did all of this while he was still working at Salt Fork, so then we went in and hung out to wait for him to come out. He was freaking out at first when he saw it but then he started laughing. Mark was also doing 100 mph on the highway to get there in time. We don’t know how his car didn’t fall apart. We were a bit fearful for our lives.

Yesterday I hung out at my house most of the afternoon watching the World Cup. It was nice to just be able to relax for a day and not have to go to work or anything like that. Went to eat with Tera last night and then hung out at her house.

I don’t know what’s going on tonight. Probably going to find something to do later but I don’t know what. I’m going to go find something to eat.


2 Responses to My Car!

  1. Tera Carter says:

    hey baby i just wanted to stop in to tell you that i love you. the movie tonight was ok. i hope you liked it.. i’m glad things are better or at least i think they are… glad we talked anyway. love you

  2. Sam Gebhart says:

    I would have loved to see the look on his face when that happened! I laughed reading this entry.

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