"I see a….cloud"

Yesterday was crazy. Work was pretty boring as usual. After work I finally went and got a haircut. It’s extremely short now, which is a good thing. Last night I went over to Mary’s and hung out. I hadn’t been there for a long time so it was fun to hang out with everyone once again. We left around midnight and headed towards K-Mart because Mark bet Chad $10 that it was closed. We stopped at Wendy’s for a few minutes on the way there and then went to K-Mart (which was open) and drove though Wal-Mart to see how much gas was. As we were leaving, some drunk almost hit us when he ran a red light. That was fun. We went to McDonalds on the way back and talked to Sarah for a few minutes and then almost hit a deer coming back by Wendy’s. Well, time to get some work done.


2 Responses to "I see a….cloud"

  1. Aaron Hall says:

    Two things…

    1) Your link of the week has become the link of the two-weeks.

    2) Well, nevermind… I forget what I was gonna say, and I can’t think of anything besides thinking you need to hook me up with one of your girlfriends, lol.

  2. bobcat2007 says:

    yeah, last night was crazy. tomorrow will be better though, can’t wait!

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