"Family comes first…"

July 5, 2006

Wow yesterday was crazy. Got up and watched all of the Space Shuttle stuff with my dad. It was all in HD on one of the InDemand channels so that made it even more interesting. Went to go bowling with Tera but the bowling alley was closed. So we went back to my house to play pool and watch the Italy/Germany game which turned out to be incredible. I think it may have been the best soccer game I’ve ever seen. After that we went to see “Click” which was good but not what I expected at all. It was more of a drama than a comedy. The rest of the night kind of sucked but I don’t feel like mentioning it here. Time to get to work.


"I’m mentally tired, but you don’t hear me complaining!"

July 3, 2006

Spent most of the day yesterday watching movies. Went and played tennis with my parents for a little bit. I was quite surprised at how good they were. I underestimated all of my dad’s trashtalk. Nothing going on today that I know of. I’m EXTREMELY bored here at work. I think I’m about to go something to eat. If anyone has any good suggestions on how to not be bored, I need them.

"Move up! It’s the fat kid!"

July 2, 2006

Friday I left work early so that I could get some much needed World Cup time. Watched that most of the day and then went to the courts that night for about 3 hours.

Yesterday watched more World Cup all day. Brazil AND England both lost. But it happens. Went to Seneca Lake last night to hang out with a bunch of people and watch the fireworks. Played 3 on 3 kickball which was a lot more fun then it sounds, threw some frisbee, blew stuff up, you know how it is lol. It was a fun time but the fireworks….not so great.

I don’t know what’s going on today. Probably going to watch the Kansas Lottery Race at 1 (go Marco!) and hang out with Tera for a little bit after that. It’s too hot outside to do anything else.