"Move up! It’s the fat kid!"

Friday I left work early so that I could get some much needed World Cup time. Watched that most of the day and then went to the courts that night for about 3 hours.

Yesterday watched more World Cup all day. Brazil AND England both lost. But it happens. Went to Seneca Lake last night to hang out with a bunch of people and watch the fireworks. Played 3 on 3 kickball which was a lot more fun then it sounds, threw some frisbee, blew stuff up, you know how it is lol. It was a fun time but the fireworks….not so great.

I don’t know what’s going on today. Probably going to watch the Kansas Lottery Race at 1 (go Marco!) and hang out with Tera for a little bit after that. It’s too hot outside to do anything else.


One Response to "Move up! It’s the fat kid!"

  1. bobcat2007 says:

    Allen was a great fat kid, haha!

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